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Test Drive Meme - November Edition

Welcome to the Rekindle Test Drive!
Trying to see if a character will fit or work in the setting? Need some interaction samples? Well this meme is for you!

Make a post, tag around, and most importantly, have fun! Here's the setting page for those who want to learn a little more about the city itself.

Then don't forget to go reserve your character, GO GO GO.......

Here's some prompts to help you get started, if you need it:
Option 1
[Wherever you were, whatever you were doing, it doesn't matter. All it takes is blinking, or stepping into a dark room before the lights are turned on. Anything to obscure your vision for a moment.

Just a moment, but in that moment, a pull is felt, and suddenly, you are elsewhere. Just where that 'elsewhere' happens to be is something that needs to be figured out.

It appears to be a busy city, though, so it shouldn't be too hard finding anyone at all! Feel free to explore, try to find answers, or just take a moment to catch your breath. Whatever it was that pulled you to this place left you feeling a tad disoriented.]
Option 2
[Though the temperatures have been remarkably warm for the beginning of the season, the humidity has finally given way to a crisp, cool feeling in the air that is far more refreshing to those not used to a tropical or sub-tropical 'fall'. All of the stock is being rotated out of the Mall and Marketplace by the dutiful shop keepers - the bright colors and shorter cuts of summer clothing being replaced by the more muted, richer earth tones and the long sleeves of the proper season. In celebration of the start of the equivalent of 'fall' in the city, all the stores are holding a special - should you wish to purchase any new clothes for the shifting season and arrive at the counter with a friend, you get a discount!

Perhaps you should find someone to purchase your items with...?]
Option 3
[There is practically no warning for the change in the weather. One moment, the air is crisp and cool, and the skies only have a few clouds. The next moment, the skies have darkened and the clouds up above have opened up into a steady, unrelenting rainfall. Luckily, there seem to be a number of small shelters erected at even intervals along the streets.

There seems to be enough room under those shelters for two to three people to stand - perhaps there's even someone standing under one now, waiting for the rain to pass. At least you'll have someone to talk to while you wait out the rain!]
Option 4
[Whoops. Looks like you haven't taken the cautionary words of the other NPCs to heart, or maybe you just wanted to take your chances. Either way, the withdrawal symptoms have started and you need to find someone to hug quickly before you get even more sick.]
Option 5
[If there's something else you wanted to play with, that you didn't see here, then have fun with that. You've just arrived in a strange city, after all. There's got to be plenty to explore out and about, not to mention people to meet.]
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Daimon | OC | OTA

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Option 1
[Daimon is a resilient soul if nothing else, and eventually his curiosity gets over his shock and he starts poking around the city. He can't help but admit to himself that as weird as this all is, and as involuntarily as the change of venue was, getting away from home--from Lilith--has left him strangely relieved.]

[He stays in human form for now, as he has no idea how even a very mellow tiger would be received wandering around this place, and concentrates on gathering as much information as he can.]

Option 2
[Watching the shops change for the season as he walks among them reminds Daimon of Kyoto half a century ago, and he hums the background tune to an old Japanese poem as he walks around. All the sales make him long for cash to take advantage--he's ever attracted to beautiful things--but he doesn't want to disturb the atmosphere by going pickpocketing or deceiving the shopkeepers. It's a problem. Perhaps he can find a clear spot and perform for some coin?]

[He finds an open spot by a fountain, sets out his hat, and taps it twice with his finger, invoking a little illusion. A rainbow comes dancing out of the hat, and he starts guiding it around with his hands, sending it rippling through the air like a small and very gaudy dragon.]
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How a big cat would be received? It's a very luke warm reception, but he's tolerated. Some how he's manage to fit himself into a hemp style hooded sweatshirt, given the colder air in this time of year and he's still working out the kinks in the sleeves. When it comes down to it, lions, no matter what color, are not built for the winter months. He was no exception.

He trots on around the corner and past Daimon, before halting and turning to face him, sniffing towards him. What... Is... That?
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Well hell, that answers that. Sort of. Is that lion wearing a hoodie? He blinks slowly, and raises a finger, prepared to say something. Except what to say? He'd look rather stupid addressing someone's wandering familiar.

Then the lion turns back and sniffs at him, very likely scenting the fact that Daimon always smells a bit like tiger under his cologne. Nothing for it now. He smiles. "Good morning! Sorry, I'm still a bit lost."
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Oh, he smelled the tiger, and so he chuffs at him. Are you a tiger or tiger handler? Hmmmn. He stares a moment and decides on the former rather than the latter. Although he does have an affinity to magic, that doesn't mean he is a familiar, or maybe he is and he doesn't know it.

"I'm lost too. I got kidnapped here, and we're all supposed to touch each other. I'm not really sure what that means."

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Huh. Well. That works. "Just do what smaller cats do and scentmark people." He turns into his tigerform to illustrate and nudges against the younger cat in passing.

Once they get that you're friendly I imagine you'll get plenty of pettings.
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He recoils very slightly when the man shifts intoo the form of a tiger, who was easily twice, or three times his size. Once it's made clear that it's a friendly encounter, he returns the sentiment with a chuffing and a face rub.


"I knew it."
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Daimon plops down on the grass just off the path. He has a multifaceted and very sparkly jewel on a gold chain around his neck that did not change, and it shimmers in the sun. He dabs a paw at the young one. Yeah, well, I'm as much tiger as I am man, dietary habits and pacifism aside. I have a bit of a trick I can use to help people realize we don't mean any harm. You...don't mean any harm, do you?
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And he paws back, pushing his paw into the tiger's nose.

"Depends. Are you a badguy? Because I usually mean harm to badguys." He flops onto his belly, flicking his tail at the tiger, looking him over. His eyes fall onto the jewel and rumbled. Isn't that a pretty little thing?

His first impulse was to take it, but as he turns his head to the tiger's size, his flicks his ears back, rumbling under his breath.
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The tiger chuffsneezes and shakes his head. What who me? Heh, nah, I like a bit of mischief but I'm actually a pacifist. Used to be a professional stage magician. Think I may pick it up again. Also help people with nightmares, things like that.

He flicks his tail irritatedly. Oi, oi, no eyeing up my sparkly. Got it from my Dad.
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And just like that he pulls his paws away, curling his tail around him. His ears pin back as he watches Daimon. Nightmares? He mulled that over, thinking to the dreams he's had over the years, nothing too terrible to report but he had his nights.

"Sorry.. It's pretty though." He notes, then nods. "So is it real magic or fake magic that you do? Like the illusions and stuff."
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The tiger flops over onto his back and lets out a contrite little tigermoan. Sorry if I reminded you of something bad. Didn't mean to.

He yawns and then simply starts radiating a sort of calm, comforting energy. There we go. Just a little Aura of Peace. Well, there have to be jewelers in town. Now me, everything I do affects the mind or is a matter of physical cleverness. I'm not a sorcerer, I'm an illusionist.
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"Not really 'bad' but I've had my fair share of bad dreams." He's dreamed of having his father killed by Arachnoids, and that disturbed him deeply.

He picks up on that almost immedietly, yawning and stretching, basking in the light and the aura while rolling around in the grass, he ends up on his belly.

Mrrr. "Do you turn into a tiger when you're on stage?" Hmm. Maybe he should tell him that he has a magical affinity himself, but has never learned, sorcery, that is.
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Well, if it gets rough, let me know and I'll give you a hand. No trouble really. He rolls back over and stretches his butt in the air. YogaTiger. Then he flops back down.

That's one of the tricks, yeah. You always have to have some things that are real when you do performances. Otherwise the illusion just isn't convincing. The idea is to keep people excited and interested about what you are doing.
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"You're generous." He remarks, still sitting a notably safe distance from the tiger albeit close enough. He pants softly, just taking in the brisk breeze and trying to keep cozy where he was. It was pretty obvious he didn't like the cold.

"But what about regular magicians that can't use magic? How come they rake in the money? I've seen those things! But I guess I don't remember if they had real magic or not."
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Yeah. It's in my nature. Even more so because everyone else in my family's an arsehole. There's not enough good in the world, kid. Gotta add to it, at least a little.

He streeetched and shook himself. Most stage magic is a kind of performance, like dancing or acting. It's a skill. Some people, like me, well, we mix the skill with the real stuff. But in some ways mundane performers are more impressive, since they don't have the extra boost.
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"You too? Your family, I mean?" He questions, briefly letting a hopeful smile over his lips. "My dad's worse than an asshole in any case."

Now this, he says with a bit of an icy tone, his fangs showing from under his lips. He calms himself and watches the tiger rest in the late fall sun.

"That sounds cool. I was told once I have an affinity towards magic but I don't know how to do anything."
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/thumbs up!

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Well, I was being nice. Truth is, mine's a monster too. I'm sorry you're dealing with that shite as well. I've at least had a decent amount of decades to recover from it. He rolls over and looks at Shadow upside down, paws in the air, entirely no fucks given about how silly he looks.

Yeah? Good thing to have. I wonder if there are any sorts around who can help you develop it? I'm all mental stuff really. The nightmares, learning to remember things better, lucid dreaming, that I can do. Also seeing through illusions. But other kinds of magic, not so much.
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"Is he a real monster, or a metaphorical one?" Because there was a profound difference between the two, and he's been witness to both types in his lifetimes. Oh the people who visited Pocket D!

With Daimon exhibiting more friendly, and even submissive behavior, he inches a bit closer, closer. He was a few inches away now, looking at the tiger before poking him with a paw. Testing the waters here.

"Maybe. It's not really that important, is it? Knowing magic? I already have powers so it's kinda all extra stuff."
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**He's both. He's both really nonhuman in that way that endangers humans, and a heartless sadist. Really nasty guy. Pretty much my example of what not to be like. Which in the end is all that some people are, even if they're relatives. I bloody hate bullies. Fortunately there are relatively few of those types around.**

He chuffs and pokes back with his paw in a relaxed manner. **'sall right. I don't bite. Actually ever. Best part of this form is that I can act like a complete muppet and still look manly.

**Well, the more you know about magic the more control you have over it. But I don't know how into study you are. It takes a lot.**
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He rumbles, almost growls at the description, refusing to comment further on his own family troubles. All he knew is that he shared the sentiment. He flicks his tail a few times and then relaxes, laying onto his side.

He makes a chuffing noise in return, every gesture making him more and more comfortable.

"Why not? All cats bite. Gotta eat, don't you?" He wonders aloud, his jaw moving along lazily with the words, thus muffling his sound.

"I've thought about it. There's a magic store in Steel Canyon I always liked, but now I'm stuck here so I can't even really explore any of it."

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**Actually I'm a strict vegetarian. Means I don't usually even eat in this form. I'd call it a lifestyle choice but it's more like a food allergy.** He squints in amusement, and conjures a small, floating ball of red light to tease at Shadow's nose.

He yawns enormously and pauses to gaze winsomely at a couple of young ladies who have stopped to stare. **Hi!**

A glance back at the young lion. **I'll help you explore if it'll make you more comfortable. I have to do it anyway.**

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"You're allergic to meat?? Wouldn't you star--" its as if Daimon timed it so he wouldn't finish that question, as he recoils and tries to catch the red dot, not realizing what is happening until three swipes of his paw.

"Huurr." He rumbles, gets him everytime, then his gaze fell to the woman, and he flicked his tail at them.

"Could you even teach me? We're from different worlds aren't we? Different magics, different world."

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Daimon looks as mock-innocent as a tiger possibly can, tail flipping mischievously. "I end up eating a lot of tofu and dairy." The ball circles around Shadow's head, lands on his nose and vanishes.

"Well, I could try. I know at least some mental disciplines are just a matter of practice. Like getting a better memory, for example. If all else fails you'll get some better meditation and study skills out of it."
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The mention of Tofu just makes him wrinkle his nose. Oooh that just sounded sort of awful. But nevertheless it was better than eating salads, and dairy? He appreciated his cheeses. His attention is drawn back to the little red ball and he bats again at it, flopping on his side in an effort to get it before it disappears.

He laughs under his breath.

"Meditation seems like it would take a long time. I think I'd just fall asleep."
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(I fail. Oh well.)

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**If you fall asleep it means you needed the nap and shouldn't worry about it.** Daimon yawwwwwns hugely and flops over on his side. **Humans don't fully understand the value of a good catnap. Never make that mistake.**

He chuffs and lets out a tigermoan that has a chuckle in it. **Oh yeah, and I get it. If I invite you over for a meal it'll be dessert.**

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